Academic Experiences of Indian International Students in US Higher Education


  • Daljit Kaur Francis Marion University, United States.



International students, US higher education, Academic experiences, Academic challenges, Indian students, Qualitative.


Globalization and prospects for higher education across borders have led to a significant increase in the number of international students. Although international admissions offices do their best to ensure that international students possess the academic competencies necessary to pursue their education abroad, some students may still experience challenges due to cultural, educational, social, and many other differences between their home countries and education abroad. International students come from different countries and various factors influence their academic experiences. Some of these factors are common to all international students but some are unique to their country of origin. This article focuses on the academic experiences of six Indian international students at a southern higher education institution in the U.S. Data was collected through a demographic survey, focus group sessions and follow up interviews. Themes were constructed through a constant comparative method. Findings highlighted critical thinking, academic code of integrity, in-class participation, student-instructor relationship, English Accent, presentation of the learning material, meeting assignment deadlines, living alone, and approach to education as major areas of concern.


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Kaur, D. . (2019). Academic Experiences of Indian International Students in US Higher Education. American Journal of Creative Education, 2(1), 1–12.