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Q.1. Can I publish a review or survey paper in OSP?

A.1. There are no restrictions on the type of paper that may be published within OSP. Any article submitted that falls within the aims and scope of a journal will be eligible to be published in OSP.

Q.2. How much will it cost to publish in OSP?

A.2. As our journal is open access to all the readers around the world, we charge the fees for publication to keep operation such as Peer-review, Copyediting, Typesetting and XML mark-up etc. Author publication charges vary depending on the journals in OSP.  The publication is free in some journals. While the publication fee of some journals is USD$100. Authors from developing countries will be offered discounts on the publication fee.

Q.3. How long does the review process take?

A.3. The papers will be reviewed by two or more independent referees. They may also be read and considered by members of the journal’s editorial board and ultimately by the editor(s) before a decision is rendered. The review result will be sent to you within 15 days after submission. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know the status of your manuscript.

Q.4. How to submit manuscripts to OSP?

A.4. Authors should submit their manuscript through our online submission system or e-mail:

Q.5. How do I know whether my manuscript submission to OSP worked OK?

A.5. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail as soon as you have uploaded the manuscript. 

Q.6. Whom do I contact if I have questions about the status of my manuscript?

A.6. Please contact us via the email: